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Successful exhibition at EMO Milano 2021 and a huge success for Spieth Italia Srl

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Hydraulic clamping element | Spieth Clamping Elements

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I want higher Speeds | Product film locknuts

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Products | Just right for your requirements: Spieth machine elements. Innovative connection technology for more productivity by means of precision ...


Applications | Spieth solutions deliver sure performance worldwide in many sectors ...


Advantages | Achieve more, do more, be more successful with Spieth ...

The principle

The principle| All-round traction: efficient, high precision, safe. A connection that gets things moving ...

Development partner

Development partner| Customized engineering Precision solutions to help you move forward ...

Product finder

Product finder | Find the right product for your application quick and reliable ...


More precise on principle

We have perfected it: the Spieth principle. For everything that moves in your application in your sector. A coherent principle for better connections, better bearings and more safety. Solutions based on the highest precision - customized to meet your requirements. Machine elements that contribute fundamentally to bring you more dynamics, innovation, productivity and performance. So that the world runs smoothly.

To achieve that, clever minds, well trained engineers, specialists and experienced employees work in our team - and work closely together with you. With the highest quality standards. Without compromising. The satisfaction of our customers worldwide is our benchmark. What can we do for you? We look forward to your challenge.

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