I want higher speeds | Product film locknuts

The Spieth principle makes it possible. Our mechanical precision nuts provide a friction-locked connection all-round instead of at a few individual points and, as a result, are evenly distributed. This film shows how Spieth locknuts work and what advantages they offer.

I want more smoothness | Product film clamping sets

The Spieth principle makes it possible. High concentricity without balancing problems thanks to the rotationally symmetrical, self-centring design – without grooves and slots. This film shows how Spieth clamping sets work and what advantages they offer.

Spieth locknuts | Assembly film

This film shows how Spieth locknuts can be assembled with the highest precision. During assembly the play in thread flanks is reduced to zero, the locknut centres itself and ensures reliable functionality even with maximum forces and high dynamics. The fixing can be easily released at any time and then fixed again onto the same shaft. The user therefore has complete control of the assembly results at all times.

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