What happens if the locknot is not centred, resp. not set free of play?


Centring the locknut has the effect, that in the mounted position an increase of the run-out accuracy is realised. While forgetting the centring the run-out accuracy of our locknut is as good as any other precision nut. The benefit of our locknut system is abandoned.


Wouldn’t it be favourable to tighten the clamping screws with a torque wrench instead of being dependent of the skills of the human worker?


Due to our experience the use of a torque wrench will bring no advantage for two reasons:

1. The requested torque for centring the locknut is quite low, so that the inaccuracy of reading and the range of variation will lead to negative conditions.

2. As the friction conditions are different at every screw, the pretensioning force will be different even if all screws are tightened with the same torque. The locknut will start to stagger. The right way for centring is to tighten all screws evenly with the same angle independent of the torque. The feeling of a qualified worker will be sufficient.


What kind of lubrication should be used on the thread before centring. Is Molykote OK?


The friction between the flanks is essential for the locking effect of the locknut. As Molykote is reducing the friction it is not useful. The best lubricant is still a regular low viscosity machine oil.

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